Hi!  I'm Gary.

I've wanted to be an actor since age seven, when I saw my first Broadway show, 42nd Street.  It was after that very performance that I gave up my dream of becoming a clown and devoted myself entirely to the study of the great craft of acting.  At AGE SEVEN.

Since then, I have auditioned for almost every role in which the character breakdown included the word "quirky."


Witness the quirk for yourself:



Culig delivers an almost flawless performance, making Sedaris’ work shine brighter than it does on National Public Radio, where The Santaland Diaries premiered.
— Erika Gonzalez, Rocky Mountain News
Waiting For Godot’s opening scene, in which Estragon tries to pull off his boot, becomes a beautiful bit of silent choreography with Gary Culig somehow channeling both Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Culig embraces his role’s theatricality, a childlike vaudeville performer.
— Lisa Bornstein, Rocky Mountain News
I just loved it! Amazing as always! So good honey!
— My Mom